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Paladin School

Paladins - Making a Difference[edit | edit source]

Dearest Friends,

Welcome to the Circle of Paladins. It is a joy and a pleasure for me to see you here.

The calling of the Paladin is one of the most difficult for a person to accept. It means taking personal responsibility not only for your own actions, but for those around you. It means taking action when there is a problem to be solved or a person who needs help. It means trusting in yourself and your beliefs and doing what you know is right. It means breaking through the barriers of apathy, hopelessness, helplessness, and bitterness that surround our lives. To be a Paladin is to be compassionate, passionate, and determined to make the world around you a better place.

If you Believe in these things, then you have the potential to be a Paladin. However, it is only through your actions that you prove that you are a Paladin.

It is not easy to live your life as a Paladin. That is why I am here to help and encourage you. Your mission here is to help and encourage the other Paladins you meet. Together, we will form a circle to share our lives, our strengths, and our dreams. Together, we will change the world.

Much love,
Lady Moira

Circles[edit | edit source]

Your circle is a bit like your level. All who pass their entry mission ("Fix Something") are admitted into the First Circle of Paladins. Once admitted, you've got to earn 150 hero points to make it to the next Circle. Points are earned by completing missions, participating in our forums, and by helping others.

This is one of the hardest schools at The School for Heroes, because it requires that you take action to change things around you as well as share your deeds and problems with other Paladins.

When you enter the First Circle of Paladins, you are called, "Initiate." It takes 150 points to rise to the Second Circle of Paladins, the "Seekers." It takes 350 points to become a "Journeyer."

Some of our ranks will be taken from traditional knighthood. True knights aspired to the Code of Chivalry. We share many of the same ideals as they did - honor, duty, and service.

Let us carry our banner of Justice and Compassion proudly.

Missions[edit | edit source]

All Paladins will be given missions to complete. These missions will help you to grow and to find the way to change the world around you. For each Circle, there are some Missions that all Paladins are expected to complete, and some that you may chose between to decide what you which ones you want to accomplish.

You will find your missions from a link on your Personal Page. Once you complete the mission, you will be able to report directly on that Mission Page. You may decide whether you wish your report to be personal or shared with the other Paladins. If it is shared, it will be placed upon the Mission Forum.

I encourage you to share your missions and stories with everyone. We will all learn from one another. Together, we will change the world.